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Should I Hire a Specialist and Generalist Attorney?

In the legal field clients may think, do I need a specialist, meaning an attorney who focusing on just one area of the law, or do I need a generalist, an attorney who can view the case from multiple angles to determine the often multiple issues and how to best resolve them?

Seufert Law, having serving the citizens of NH for 4-decades, is both a specialist and a generalist. Attorney Seufert, nationally certified in civil litigation, handles complex civil litigation in the areas of personal injury, workers compensation, bankruptcy, and trust and estate litigation. Attorney Baumann, a former prosecutor, handles criminal, DWI, family law, and landlord tenant. Attorney Snook, a Webster Scholar graduate from UNH Law, handles general civil litigation. However, being a 4-decade old law firm, Seufert Law has made connections with the best specialist in NH, and throughout the Country, in just about every other area of the law, including Medical Malpractice, Federal Tort litigation, Class actions, Products Liability, Toxic Torts and Asbestos, and the list goes on.

When Seufert Law sits down with a new client and reviews the multiple issues that may be involved, some obvious and some not so obvious, it frequently reaches out and brings into the case the different specialists throughout the country for the issues that the firm does not specialize in, all at typically no additional cost to the client as the specialists are paid from the overall fees generated in the case. And those “billboard attorneys”, don’t be fooled. Many of them will never meet with you or handle your case, they are just a referral agency to other law firms.

So no matter what your case, or the issues, Seufert Law is able to handle it so give us a call, we’ll get you through it.