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Road Construction Zone Danger Cuts Both Ways

Each year, hundreds of road construction workers across the country are killed in work zones due to traffic incidents. One of the top causes is drivers who pass on the outside of the construction zone and collide with workers, equipment, or other vehicles. Drivers passing through work zones need to pay attention, follow instructions, and observe the speed limits.

However, construction zones can be dangerous for passersby as well. According to a study conducted by the Federal Highway Administration in 2010, construction zones were the sites of roughly 87,000 vehicular accidents per year, nationally, leading to over 37,000 injuries, not to mention damage to property.

Work zones containing incorrect, improper, or confusing signage; insufficient warnings on lane closures, merges, or shifts; sudden speed changes; missing cones or barrels at key points; dangerously uneven pavement or unblocked, unmarked holes in the road; poor lighting; and construction vehicles entering and exiting the roadway in a reckless manner are a few of the hazards that may lead to accidents.

Road repair/construction is an inevitability. Roadways in a state of disrepair will be a source of danger to motorists and need to be fixed. But it needs to be done with the highest standards of safety and care in mind. All of the situations mentioned previously are completely avoidable.

If you are the victim of negligence at a road construction zone, you may file a claim against a worker, the construction company, the city, or other entity involved in the situation. Contact an auto accident attorney to safeguard your rights.