NH Insurance Denial Attorneys

Insurance Denials

NH Insurance Denial Attorneys

It is all too common for insurance companies to deny their own insureds claims, even though all premium payments were made on time. This can be a particularly frustrating area of the law. Nothing can be more aggravating than paying faithfully for insurance coverage, only to have the insurance company deny your claim when you need it the most.

All is not lost. The law provides many mechanisms for resolving insurance disputes. At the Seufert Law Office we can help you in getting the insurance payment(s) you were promised under your policy.


Our attorneys have handled insurance disputes involving

  1. Life Insurance Claims
  2. Property Damage Claims
  3. Fire Loss Claims
  4. Motor Vehicle Accident Claims
  5. Stolen Property Claims
  6. Home Owner Property Claims
  7. Water Intrusion Claims
  8. Contractor Disputes
  9. Workers’ Compensation Claims.

If you are in a dispute with an insurance company, call us today and schedule an appointment.