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Having a criminal conviction on your record can lead to negative consequences for the rest of your life. From hefty fines to lengthy jail sentences to a lifetime of explaining your past to potential employers, it is vital to avoid being convicted of a criminal offense. That is why it is important to have an experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorney on your side if you have been charged with a crime. The system puts you at a disadvantage. You are up against experienced, government funded prosecutors and juries that are eager to assume guilt. Without deep pockets and the right connections, most people simply cannot mount an adequate defense. Navigating the legal system alone or with a public defender can be confusing and overwhelming. At Seufert Law, we will work hard to defend you from the moment that you are arrested until the case has been resolved, we will be with you every step of the way.

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When Do You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

If you have been arrested in New Hampshire and charged with a crime, you need an attorney on your side who has your best interests in mind. A defense attorney will handle the criminal charges and the individual issues that arise in every case so that you don’t have to. An attorney will also help you understand what to expect if you go to trial, engage in plea negotiations and plan your defense strategy from every angle. Whether you’ve been charged with possession of alcohol or first-degree murder, hiring an experienced and dedicated attorney is always the best course of action.

New Hampshire’s Best Criminal Defense Attorneys

Hiring the best criminal defense attorney can be a challenging task. It is vital to hire the best team possible to work defend you against the charges you are facing. At Seufert Law, we’ll work closely with you to develop a defense strategy that works. After a thorough consultation, we will carefully research the charges filed against you and plan a defense or negotiate with the prosecutor to lessen or dismiss your charges. If your case does go to trial, you can rest assured knowing you are in the hands of experienced defense attorneys who have your best interest at heart. At Seufert Law, we believe you should not have to navigate the system alone. Going up against government-funded prosecutors alone could lead to serious, life-long consequences. Instead, rely on the knowledge and experience of the attorneys at Seufert Law. We will help you understand the charges brought against you, what your options are, and what the best plan is moving forward. A good defense can make a difference in the consequences of whatever charges you face.

Can You Get Criminal Charges Annulled?

In some cases it is possible to get your criminal charge expunged. The legal process of expunging a conviction in New Hampshire is called annulment. Criminal charges can impact many aspects of your life, including getting a job, where you can live, college admissions and more. Because of the severity of the impact on your life, it is beneficial to find out if criminal charge annulment is possible for you. Criminal convictions can be complex. Depending on your specific criminal record, the annulment process could take a couple of months or much longer. In addition to the complexity of some criminal cases, waiting periods also vary depending on the charge. If a petition is filed before the waiting period is up, it will be denied. You will then have to wait three years before another petition is filed. The best course of action in getting your charge annulled is to speak with a New Hampshire criminal lawyer.

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Our team of experienced criminal defense lawyers is prepared to offer you expert counsel and assistance during these difficult legal proceedings. If you have inquiries, require legal advice, or are prepared to take the next steps to safeguard your rights, please complete the contact form below. We are dedicated to assisting you in obtaining a fair and just outcome, and your legal journey commences here. Reach out to a New Hampshire criminal defense attorney today, and let us collaborate to protect your legal future.

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    Annulment is a court-guided process in which the legal record of a person’s arrest or conviction is sealed from public view, or in some cases the records are physically destroyed. The New Hampshire annulment process involves filing a written application and sometimes a hearing in front of a judge. A person generally gets one opportunity to request an annulment. Some violent crimes and offenses involving children, among others, cannot be annulled. Annulment gives the beneficiary a fresh start. The annuled…

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    How a Criminal Case Travels Through the Courts

    How a Criminal Case Travels Through the Courts

    A criminal case usually, but not always, begins with an arrest. If you are arrested, your first court date and the location of that court will be on your bail paperwork. That date is your arraignment date. An arraignment is when the State formally notifies you of the charges against you. Those charges may be different than those listed on your bail paperwork. That is because the prosecutor will look at the file and make the final determination as to…

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    Is it Possible to get Your Criminal Charge Expunged?

    In some cases it is possible to get your criminal charge expunged. The legal process of expunging a conviction in New Hampshire is called annulment. Criminal charges can impact many aspects of your life, including getting a job, where you can live, college admissions and more. Because of the severity of the impact on your life, it is beneficial to find out if criminal charge annulment is possible for you. When Can You Get Criminal Charges Annulled? If you have…

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    How Are Juvenile Delinquency Hearings Different Than Criminal Trials?

    In New Hampshire, juvenile delinquency proceedings involve persons age 18 and under. All juvenile cases are civil matters, not criminal. In juvenile delinquency cases, instead of being charged with a crime, the juvenile is accused of committing a delinquent act. A prosecutor or probation officer typically gets the ball rolling by filing a civil petition, which states the charge and requests that the court determine that the juvenile has been delinquent. Juveniles have the right to representation by an attorney…

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