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Ice Cream Cone

National Ice Cream Cone Day

As the Summer is just about to come to an end, spend the last day with some ice cream.   National Ice Cream Cone Day is Saturday, September 22.  What a cool way to spend your last day of summer. The origins are hard to determine, but there are some cone recipes in French cookbooks that date back to 1825. Ice cream cones started to become popular in the U.S. in the late 1800’s. They started to take off in 1904, when they were served at the World’s Fair, and again 1912, when an inventor sold his patent for a machine to make cones to Nabisco.

New Hampshire has some great places to stop in and grab a cone of ice cream.

Some crowd favorites are Jordan’s in Belmont, Johnson’s in Northwood, Ben & Jerry’s in Meredith, and Arianna’s right in Franklin!