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Seufert Law Office is a New Hampshire-based comprehensive law firm assisting clients in many different areas of the law. From family law issues, personal injury, criminal law, to bankruptcy and basic estate planning.

We are dedicated to the practice of law and committed to every client we serve. At Seufert Law Office, your legal matters are handled with diligence by professional, reliable and responsive NH attorneys with experience across a variety of legal practice areas. Contact Seufert Law and let over 35 years of legal expertise speak for you. We’ll get you through it! Call (603) 934-9837.

Attorney Christopher Seufert

Attorney Seufert is former President of the NH Association for Justice. He holds national certification as a Civil Trial Specialist. He is licensed in NH, MA, and NC, Federal Courts, and the U.S. Supreme Court. He has his doctorate from Suffolk University and has practiced law since 1984.

Our Philosophy

At Seufert Law, our philosophy is simple:
It’s not our case; it’s yours. And you deserve the
best representation possible.

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3 Aug
Accurately predicting the value of a motorcycle crash claim can be difficult, but there are some core considerations that can shape a settlement offer. Motorcyclists are sometimes behind the eight ball from the outset. Studies have shown that many people have an unfavorable view of motorcyclists, including jurors. Jury awards...
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25 Jul
Of course, if you are convicted of DWI, the Court will suspend your license. However, your license can be suspended before you have even been convicted of a DWI offense—and it only takes one offense: no multiple violations over a period of time or accruing points. If you refuse post...
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30 May
In the legal field clients may think, do I need a specialist, meaning an attorney who focusing on just one area of the law, or do I need a generalist, an attorney who can view the case from multiple angles to determine the often multiple issues and how to best...
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