General information about workers compensation

Insurance company denying payment of your medical bills, even though you were hurt at work?

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If you have been hurt at work, notify your supervisor immediately. You are entitled to medical care for work injuries at your employer’s expense, but to qualify for that care, you must notify your employer of your injury. If you miss more than three days because of a work injury,

you also qualify for weekly wage replacement benefits.

If you are hurt at work by a defective piece of equipment or the carelessness of a third party, you are still entitled to workers compensation benefits but may also qualify for additional benefits.

As you recover from a work injury, your rights and responsibilities change over time. Once you are done healing, you may be eligible for a final lump sum payment to compensate you for any permanent impairment resulting from your work injury.

You may also have increasing job search obligations as your medical condition improves.

New Hampshire State employees are in a unique position when it comes to workers compensation. If you are unable to return to your pre-injury job, you may qualify for both workers compensation and state disability retirement benefits.

Workers compensation is complicated and ever-changing. The workers compensation insurance companies count on injured workers not knowing their rights and settling for less than they are entitled to under the law. If you have been hurt at work, call Seufert Law Office.   We can help.