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Can I file for bankruptcy when I’m married and my spouse doesn’t want to?Do I have to take a course on credit counseling if I file for bankruptcy?

How do I stop creditor harassment?

If I file for bankruptcy won’t everyone know?

How can I fix my credit after a bankruptcy?

I am getting divorced and neither of us can pay the bills, should I file for bankruptcy?

If my income is above the allowed bankruptcy limits can I still file for bankruptcy protection?

A debt collector is telling me to cash in my 401k to pay an old bill, should I do this?

How much credit card dept do I need before I can file bankruptcy?

My wife and I have good jobs but we still can’t pay the bills, do we make too much money to file for bankruptcy?

If my wife files bankruptcy do I have to?

I am getting calls from a bill collector that’s many years old, what do I do?

My landlord told me that if I don’t pay the rent by next week she’s changing the locks, is that legal?

Can my landlord come into my apartment without my permission?

If I’m struggling to pay my rent, can the landlord shut off my heat?

I don’t have a written lease, is an oral lease legal?

I’ve heard that a landlord cannot evict someone during the winter, is that true?

If you’ve been injured at work….

Injuries on the job…

How much insurance should I have on my car?

My insurance company denied my claim saying the policy doesn’t cover my medical bills, what now?

If you’ve been injured in a car accident….

I was hurt in an accident, do I still have a case even if I may have been partly at fault?

I was involved in a minor accident, do I still have to go to court in order to get my car fixed?

I was involved in a car accident a while ago, do I have to take what the other drivers insurance company is offering to pay me?

How long does it take to get divorced?

My girlfriend of 10 years just moved out and says she wants half the value of my house but I own it, what do I do?

I’m getting a divorce and we want to have equal time with the kids, will I still get child support?

I’m divorced and pay child support, but my ex is insisting that on top of the child support, I have to pay half of all the other expenses like soccer camp and piano lessons, is that true?

Do I have to pay child support to my ex if my kids decide to go to college?