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Although the following are some of our successes, the verdicts and settlements listed on this website are not a guarantee of a similar result in your case.

$90,000.00 for an individual who was riding a bicycle up at Weirs Beach when they were struck by a motorcyclist during bike week.

$75,000.00 settlement just prior to trial for rear end collision with minor damages, but with lower back injury.

$175,000 settlement obtained on the eve of jury trial for young girl hit by truck when crossing the street. Insurer originally denied any liability.

$250,000.00 settlement obtained for motorcyclist injured when struck by a automobile.

$40,000.00 jury verdict for truck driver who was not paid
for work done under contract with contractor.

Our client was struck from behind in his car by an uninsured motorist in the Town of Belmont. The client had $13,000.00 in medical treatments. Case was able to be settled for $40,000.00 without having to go to Court.

Our client was struck from behind on his way to work and suffered a lower back injury. He had approximately $6000.00 in medical treatment. Case was able to be settled out of Court for $22,000.00.

Our client was the passenger in a vehicle that was struck by a plow truck during a snow storm. He had $2300.00 in medical treatments related to hitting his head in the collision. Case was able to be settled out of Court for $7500.00.



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